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Hey Queens & Kings! 

My name is DeJ and I created Kinks N Crowns based on my own struggles in my hair care journey. I didn't really have much say in my hairstyles growing up. My parents were on two opposite ends of the hair spectrum. Mom likes it straight and pressed. Dad likes it au naturale. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my hair and with 4C hair, it takes a whooooole lot of TLC and I'm not just talkin the TLC playlist on wash day! When I got to college, I had to figure out which styles worked and which ones didn't. Plus being on campus, you have to find someone who can do your hair and the closest beauty supply is in the next major city. Oh yeah, did I mention I was also the one who couldn't braid either? I know, I know. THEE STRUGGLE!  But I finally made the decision to big chop my hair and start over from scratch. My hair has absolutely flourished since, by the way. 

I know some of y'all are in my same shoes. Can't find anywhere to get our hair done. Finding someone who can do hair is like finding a plug. Don't let us need a beauty supply and the campus is in the middle of nowhere. Plus, there's something so nostalgic about going to the salon/barbershop and fellowshipping with everyone you see. I'm sure you can picture of your fav person from your own hometown shop right now.


 As a college student, I was learning and growing in ways I never expected. As I was growing with my hair, I learned a few things:


1.) Your hair is your crown! When you have it just right, you feel strong. Powerful. Like you can do anything. Own that feeling E V E R Y  S I N G L E  D A Y! 

2.) Your hair is a journey! It's a self-care journey which means it's a lifelong journey. Enjoy it as you learn more about yourself in fun, new and exciting ways. The more time, patience, understanding, consistency, energy (and money too), the greater it will be. Just like you. 

3.) Your hair is a reflection of you. No matter how you style it and how anyone else may feel about it, it is you. Unapologetically. So be proud of the kinks that are upon your head. Thus, wear it proudly for it is your crown. 

Much love and many blessings to you always, 



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